Integration Services

Our CustomerFirst® Integration Services team is available to assist new and existing clients with functional customizations, system interfaces, data conversions, and technical education for the application.


Customization capabilities are a key advantage of the NOW Solutions solution. Each implementation requires different levels of customization and unique skill sets to meet the project’s business requirements. While some vendors may force their processes and structure on your organization, NOW Solutions will adapt our system to your unique requirements. Whether it is the way you capture employee time entries, manage employee benefits, or calculate earnings — our Integration Services consultants can help you review your plan to design, test and integrate your enhancements and/or system interfaces.

With a broad understanding of your requirements, our Integration Services team can provide a preliminary cost estimate that, of course, will need to be refined once the formal functional specification assessment is completed. Whenever possible, the Integration Services team provides optimal solutions, with corresponding estimates, so you may choose the approach that best meets your business and financial needs.

Data Conversion

Your Integration Services Consultant can draw upon a broad range of conversion experiences to help you make the correct conversion decisions for your implementation. Once you decide on a particular conversion approach, your Consultant can review your plan for converting data and for migrating to your production environment.

To help our clients with the sometimes complex and tedious task of data conversion, NOW Solutions has developed several Cornerstone Solutions™. Each import solution will benefit users who are either migrating to our application or that would like to programmatically populate the appropriate application databases with employee data from an external system.

The employee data is mapped to input files that can be read by the conversion interface program and translated to application employee records via a batch process. In other words, each conversion import programs reads an ASCII file containing employee information and generates valid employee records in the database. As well, the process will validate input records and generate audit reports listing errors encountered that require attention.

Data conversion import tools are available for:

  • Employee information
  • Benefit Enrollment
  • Flex Benefit Enrollment
  • Salary/Position History
  • Check/Cheque History
  • Position Assignment History
  • Record of Employment

Each package includes the software, functional specifications, installation guide, and user’s guide. Our Integration Services group can also assist you with remote installation and/or testing, if required.