Industry observers make a dramatic statement about the importance of consulting services when choosing a software vendor. Many systems will require the purchaser to spend as much as two dollars or more in services for every dollar in software licenses. Furthermore, these same analysts warn of prolonged installation schedules — as long as two years or more with some vendors. Obviously, your software vendor choice should involve more than technology.

Almost all of the leading software vendors rely solely on independent consulting firms to manage the installation and configuration of their products. Fortunately, there is one exception. No other software vendor offers more comprehensive, experienced business-oriented services and support than NOW Solutions — with in-house installation, education, implementation, customization, and customer support.

Consider the following — When you are purchasing the software that will keep your entire organization running, that will determine your productivity and affect your profitability, shouldn’t you demand the service and support to get the software up and running — and keep it running in its life cycle — from the vendor who created and sold that same software?

It’s simply a matter of standing behind your product. Of servicing what you sell. Of being a true partner that your customers can depend on. At NOW Solutions, we accept this challenge.

Technology is changing faster and faster. System lifecycles are getting shorter. Our success as a software vendor obviously rests on our ability to help you get systems up and running quickly and effectively, support those systems throughout their lifecycle, and migrate to the newest technologies seamlessly. It ensures that you’ll look to us when technology evolution again forces you to rethink your systems. And for over 20 years, our customers have done just that.

NOW Solutions built an organization dedicated to delivering the highest quality services to our customers around the globe, helping you get the most from our software. With close to fifty percent of our employees devoted to services and support, our commitment to each of our client’s success is clear.

Whether, it’s installation, education, implementation, integration, or ongoing support, you can count on us to provide superior people and services to help you achieve maximum results quickly with minimum risk. Partnered with a group of dedicated Project Team members from your organization, we will together work towards a successful implementation.


Industry observers make a dramatic statement about the importance of consulting services when choosing a software vendor.