Consulting Services

The CustomerFirst® Consulting Services team is comprised of professionals with payroll and human resources business and technical backgrounds. They specialize in transitioning clients from their current systems into your new solution. An Application Consultant works with each client onsite and provides advice and direction in structuring the application to meet operational requirements and business objectives.

Our Consulting Services team provides broad and varied implementation services. Our role is to support your organization in determining the most effective way to blend the new capabilities of our products with existing business requirements and the opportunities for improvement.

Consulting Services core competencies include:

  • Business solution implementation planning
  • Account management
  • Business solution design and software application configuration
  • Knowledge repository design and implementation support
  • Business solution optimization

When executed correctly, the introduction of a new business solution into any functioning business operation is unique. No two engagements are identical. The blend of business requirements, application functionality, resource availability, business culture — and many other factors – are key drivers that help to shape the necessary strategy and structure to complete the successful transition to a new business reality.

Our Application Consultants are required to have a comprehensive understanding of human resources and payroll application, as well as some combination of experience in general business, software development, and implementation. This experience helps them to understand the business aspects of your organization in such areas as human resources, payroll, and benefits administration.

Clients determine the scope of NOW Solutions’ consulting involvement. You can select among options ranging from implementation assistance to an entirely NOW Solutions-supported implementation project, including system modifications or development of additional applications. Our Application Consultants work with each client to promote self-sufficiency through the transfer of product knowledge.

Your Application Consultant will normally work onsite with your Project Team on a periodic basis to provide product knowledge and implementation direction, as well as review work completed and progress-to-date. Based on the budget and project plan, your Application Consultant will arrange an appropriate schedule with your Project Manager. Typically, onsite visits occur every three weeks consisting of a four to five day duration. In between these onsite visits, it is expected that the Project Team independently complete assigned tasks with the knowledge the consultant delivers during his or her past onsite visits.

Our consulting expertise has been demonstrated in a variety of industries, including banking and finance, manufacturing, government, education, transportation, communications, and health care. By maintaining a close working relationship with our clients, NOW Solutions consultants produce predictable, cost-effective results that are the hallmark of a NOW Solutions consulting engagement.