Education Services

Our CustomerFirst® Education Services team is available to provide you with quality and timely education to fully utilize and maximize the power of your new solution.

  • Project Team Education
  • Optional Courses
  • Train The Trainer
  • Custom & By Request Courses
  • Onsite & Offsite Courses Available

Over the years, we have discovered two factors that are critical to user acceptance. Firstly, it’s the implementation of the product — how smooth it goes and how well it performs. Secondly, it’s giving empowerment to the users of the application. User empowerment implies both a willingness and ability to use the new technology to successfully perform new tasks. Users trained in the proficient use of the application are more productive by making better use of their time at the office.

NOW Solutions is dedicated to providing each client with quality education and a supportive environment. Our education activities and deliverables provide users with the capacity to thoroughly understand our applications and implement our software easily, confidently, and comfortably. These courses are designed to accelerate knowledge transfer to any audience in an organization. Our courses start with the basic fundamentals and then building blocks of knowledge are added through hands-on application use.

The effective use of your solution is crucial to your bottom line. We will help you select the types of courses that meet your needs, whether they are standard classes at NOW Solutions’ education centers, customized sessions, on-site classes, or one-on-one training.