We are NOW Solutions, a best-of-breed HRMS software and business solutions provider, with a proven solution. We are dedicated to serving customers throughout the United States and Canada.

NOW Solutions provides the capabilities you need to manage your ever-changing workplace in the face of today’s complex requirements. We strictly focus on what we do best — HRMS solutions. Our web-based application, emPath™, tightly integrates your human resources and payroll functions. You have all the information you need at your fingertips to track employee salary and pay details, benefits, skills, absences, performance reviews, as well as fully comprehensive web self-service features.

We are committed to listening and working with our customers to develop solutions that make a difference. We continually fine-tune and enhance our products, our services and our support based on experience from customers around the world. The result is a proven track record of continuing service improvement and technology advancement.

As your complete HRMS solutions provider, we offer a full range of products, while providing the professional service that often gets left behind in today’s faceless business world. The full resources of one of the leading HRMS companies in the world are available to ensure your success.

Because, at NOW Solutions, we don't just wait for the future. We embrace it.


HRMS solutions is our business; people and technology are our strengths; and superior performance is our goal. Within this context, the responsible pursuit of customer value and satisfaction will be driven by the development of new and improved product functionality and exceptional customer service.


To fulfill our mission and vision at NOW Solutions, we abide by the enduring values that form the foundation of our business.

PNI Digital Seal

Payroll matters and NOW Solutions takes it seriously. That’s why we’ve signed the NPI Declaration for Payroll and proudly stand behind the eight principles of professional payroll.


Sound leadership and years of experience are what define NOW Solutions as a major player in the HRMS solutions provider industry. At the senior management level, NOW Solutions has positioned a multi-disciplinary team of professionals with solid technical expertise combined with years of hands on management experience at NOW Solutions. The emphasis on balancing strong technical and business skills extends from this group throughout the organization.

Marianne Malcolm
President & Chief Executive Officer

Freddy Holder
Chief Financial Officer

Laurent Tetard
Chief Operating Officer

Jamie Patterson
Vice-President Software Development

Jean-Claude Addison
Vice-President Professional Services